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NOBE Illinois runs on a committee based semester schedule with a variety of committees designed to cater to any of our members needs in the Engineering and Business field. We currently have four committees that our members can pick from and apply into every semester.

Product Development Committee

Work with the team to develop a product from start to finish through the semester while learning about design stages and marketing and commercialization strategies. This semester the committee worked on 2 different consumer products which were smart bike locks and biometric water bottle.

Consulting Committee

Work with members of different disciplines to propose a holistic solution to a real-world problem for a client company. Last semester we had 2 ongoing projects with Ameren and a Hydration startup.

Case and Business Committee

Committee focusing on solving case-chains, and learning about topics like corporate development, management and technology consulting, venture capital, and industry management.

Tech Committee

Work with the tech chair to build NOBE’s technology infrastructure and your own personal tech projects.