What We Learn:

Consulting is an ever changing industry with new methods and standards being introduced every day. As part of the consulting committee the team works towards designing and presenting state of the art pitch decks. With an open semester floor plan, consultants are expected to put in a few hours every week to fully research their designated topics for the betterment of the client, leading to a better understanding of various industries. Overall this committee provides and entry into the world of consulting with professional methods of researching.

What We Work On:

As a consulting committee we follow similar management protocols as major firms with project managers and proper delegation flow. Over the years the committee has come to be known for the astounding market entry advice and competitive analysis. The consulting committee has also worked in various industries to grasp an understanding of cross industry integrations which leads to better consultations for our clients. The consulting committee is now striving to work on major contracts to provide with ambitious new members with better real life experiences.



Consulting Project Manager


Consulting Project Manager



The consulting committee worked with a rental stroller start up on developing a market entry strategy and technological advancements they can utilize to beat competition. This project involved Porter’s 5 forces analysis along with competition analysis through financial and fundamental understandings. The project also exhibited the development of skills within cold calling and finding the value of location management as the project involved providing a starting location for “Stroll”. The potential for technology intervention was also looked within through the utilization of app development.


Over the course of a quarantined semester the team worked on developing a complete strategy and market entry analysis. Members worked on pitch decks and intuitive quantitative and qualitative analysis. This project revolved in the energy industry leading to members developing a network of engineers and startup CEOs involved in the renewable energy industry. Members also learned the importance of delegation and proper project timelines.

Red Clover

This project revolved around understanding product placement and ecommerce enterprises for an online library. Red Clover was advised by the Consulting Committee based on a thorough understanding of a developing industry and disruptive technologies that can help build strong foundations. Having worked on competitive analysis, members learned the role of understanding the importance competition and innovations that the target demographic needs. Large scale website changes were also looked into to showcase the committees understanding of integrating multiple industries.