What We Learn:

The finance committee prides itself on the ability to provide much needed financial education to members and in depth analysis within multiple markets. This involves learning about brokerages, financial statement analysis, derivatives and wise investing values. As a new committee the co-chairs also strive to bring the experience of money management within the committee as paper trading is very different to working with real capital. This experience also allows the members to experience flawed emotions of “FOMO” and grow confidence within their own analysis and patience for market corrections. By learning these skills and traits at an early stage, many of the committee members become better prepared for their careers on Wall Street than their counterparts.

What We Work On:

The main project that this committee focuses on year round is the management of an investment portfolio. This is done through order execution by Co-Chairs and analysis by committee members. Similar to many hedge funds and investment banks, the finance committee is involved in quantitative/qualitative analysis providing experience for members for potential future careers on Wall Street. The use of Excel and joint strategies is of much use within this committee as the investment decisions must be of sound reason and expectations. Members can expect to work on developing strategies, screeners and grasp a stronger understanding of the stock market. 



Finance Managing Director


Finance Managing Director



Investment Portfolio

The finance committee at its core was built to provide members with the real life experience of portfolio management. With a management style similar to investment banking new members gain experience similar to an analyst as they would in their first few years of their career. With educational days grouped with the ability to analyze securities and pitch them to the Co-Chairs, students learn the importance of financial education. Through this ever evolving project, committee members also learn about various securities and their importance in the markets of today.