What do we work on?

A large aspect of NOBE is our dedication towards working together to learn new concepts with hands on experiences. Below you will find our most recent projects and what we learned from them as a whole.


Over the course of a quarantined semester the team worked on developing a complete strategy and market entry analysis. Members worked on pitch decks and intuitive quantitative and qualitative analysis. This project revolved in the energy industry leading to members developing a network of engineers and startup CEOs involved in the renewable energy industry. Members also learned the importance of delegation and proper project timelines.

Algorithmic Trading On AWS

This project involved the development of an algorithmic trading script, that could place real-time buy and sell orders for various securities. We used the Alpaca commission-free stock trading API to build out our script along with data from the Alpha Vantage API (for various technical indicators used in trading strategies). We then deployed our script on AWS using various compute resources (EC2 and Lambda). Throughout this project, our members learned about various trading strategies, how to use Alpaca’s paper trading platform and API, cloud computing concepts, and AWS compute resources

Investment Management

The finance committee at its core was built to provide members with the real life experience of portfolio management. With a management style similar to investment banking new members gain experience similar to an analyst as they would in their first few years of their career. With educational days grouped with the ability to analyze securities and pitch them to the Co-Chairs, students learn the importance of financial education. Through this ever evolving project, committee members also learn about various securities and their importance in the markets of today. 

Covid Phone Case

With the world forever changed in 2020, the product development committee worked on finding ways to travel with a sanitizing spray with the most convenient item on hand. Through a multi step process of designing and development, the product development committee was able to build a spray add on that could be clipped onto a phone case without being bulky. Much like any product development, issues were found on multiple levels, however, through a delegation of tasks and a breakdown of previously built models a final demo solution was found.

Paper Trading Platform

This project was for our introductory committee and developed by students who had little to no previous technical experience. This project focused on creating a paper trading platform in Python with an interface that allowed users to buy, sell, and view changes in their paper stock portfolio. Students first learned basic Python programming principles and skills. Then, they built out the functionality of the paper trading platform using the Yahoo Finance Library for historical/current stock data. Students also learned about version control by integrating Git and Github in their projects.

Celebrity Facial Recognition

This project involved training a facial recognition model with images of various celebrities. Committee members learned how to use the Pillow library in Python to train a model that could recognize multiple celebrities in a given image. Members learned basic machine learning principles and how to architect and improve the accuracy of their models.

Red Clover

This project revolved around understanding product placement and ecommerce enterprises for an online library. Red Clover was advised by the Consulting Committee based on a thorough understanding of a developing industry and disruptive technologies that can help build strong foundations. Having worked on competitive analysis, members learned the role of understanding the importance competition and innovations that the target demographic needs. Large scale website changes were also looked into to showcase the committees understanding of integrating multiple industries.


The consulting committee worked with a rental stroller start up on developing a market entry strategy and technological advancements they can utilize to beat competition. This project involved Porter’s 5 forces analysis along with competition analysis through financial and fundamental understandings. The project also exhibited the development of skills within cold calling and finding the value of location management as the project involved providing a starting location for “Stroll”. The potential for technology intervention was also looked within through the utilization of app development.

Case Competitions

Case competitions are a great way to communicate with the community and showcase talents. NOBE understood that due to its role as the leading business and engineering RSO, there was a need to bring fun networking events to light. Starting 2021, NOBE began multiple case competition events which required large event planning on the end of the executive team and especially for VP Operations. Through the planning an organizing of Case Competitions not only did the executive team learn proper event planning but the members also learned techniques to promote large scale operations and lead networks.