What We Learn:

The product development committee at its core teaches the process of brainstorming product ideas and executing the process to introduce them to market. Over the course of a semester members can expect to be involved in researching previously built solutions to the given semester long problem and having a thorough understanding of designed patents. Once research of markets, products and the science behind the brainstormed solutions has been thoroughly executed, the committee works on bringing the product to light. This involved skills within CAD modeling and state of the art engineering technologies due to access of UIUC engineering facilities. Overall this committee is focused on learning the skills needed for hands on engineers in any industry.

What We Work On:

The product development committee has for years worked on finding key solutions to problems facing the world currently. Working on project promoting health and renewable habits is a major ambition of the committee as the projects are used to help the given demographic as much as possible. Members can expect to work on a project for a whole semester to add to their own portfolio by collaborating with the whole team and refining the product to fall under the requirements set early on in the semester. The projects involve an adaptive timeline which is also shown to members to showcase how to plan projects and work in a managerial manner for personal projects as well.



Product Development Co Chair


Product Development Co Chair


Covid Phone Case

With the world forever changed in 2020, the product development committee worked on finding ways to travel with a sanitizing spray with the most convenient item on hand. Through a multi step process of designing and development, the product development committee was able to build a spray add on that could be clipped onto a phone case without being bulky. Much like any product development, issues were found on multiple levels, however, through a delegation of tasks and a breakdown of previously built models a final demo solution was found.