What We Learn:

The technology committee strives towards embracing new technologies and learning all practical and theoretical applications of these technologies. Over the course of a semester members work on projects based on their technical abilities by being placed in an introductory or advanced group. Once in the best fit group members can expect to understand the applications of the given core language for the chosen project along with utilizing data and correct documentation procedure. A thorough grasp of GitHub is also found through multiple tutorials and practice due to a collaborative experience. For the advanced committee refining of programming skills come into play along with use of servers  and APIs to develop state of the art programs and softwares.

What We Work On:

Before any given semester the Co-Chairs of the technology committee brainstorm over project ideas which would exhibit multiple components of current technologies and provide a strong portfolio project. Once done choosing the project for the introductory committee and advanced committee, members work on refining programming skills and key technical skills. Projects for introductory committees revolves around intuitive languages usually such as Python and introducing concepts such as data analysis. The advanced committee is expected to be fairly skilled in traditional languages so that the development of large scale projects with aspects within autonomous responsibilities, API utilization and script development can occur. 


Divyansh Jain

Technology Co-Chair


Algorithmic Trading on AWS - Advanced Committee

This project involved the development of an algorithmic trading script, that could place real-time buy and sell orders for various securities. We used the Alpaca commission-free stock trading API to build out our script along with data from the Alpha Vantage API (for various technical indicators used in trading strategies). We then deployed our script on AWS using various compute resources (EC2 and Lambda). Throughout this project, our members learned about various trading strategies, how to use Alpaca’s paper trading platform and API, cloud computing concepts, and AWS compute resources.

Celebrity Facial Recognition Model

This project involved training a facial recognition model with images of various celebrities. Committee members learned how to use the Pillow library in Python to train a model that could recognize multiple celebrities in a given image. Members learned basic machine learning principles and how to architect and improve the accuracy of their models.

Paper Trading Platform - Intro Committee

This project was for our introductory committee and developed by students who had little to no previous technical experience. This project focused on creating a paper trading platform in Python with an interface that allowed users to buy, sell, and view changes in their paper stock portfolio. Students first learned basic Python programming principles and skills. Then, they built out the functionality of the paper trading platform using the Yahoo Finance Library for historical/current stock data. Students also learned about version control by integrating Git and Github in their projects.