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Working Towards Professional Excellence Through Meaningful Experiences

Who Are We?

The National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) is a registered non-profit organization seeking to bridge the gap for those interested in exploring challenges at the intersection of business and engineering. NOBE Illinois is one of many NOBE chapters across the Nation and was originally established at UIUC in 1998 as the Society for Business & Management in Engineering.

What Do We Work On?

Every semester NOBE’s committees work towards developing meaningful projects which expose members to new concepts and technologies. Through these projects, students have the opportunity to gain experience in a field they’re interested in and connect with other students who share their interests.

Want to work with us?

With 3 committees, each managed by 2+ professional Co-Chairs, NOBE is able to offer a variety of experiences in various industries. Working with NOBE will give you access to a committed group of enthusiastic and ambitious students, in addition to an experienced executive board. Currently, NOBE is open to opportunities in Consulting, Technology, and Product Development. Reach out to president@nobeillinois.org for more information on partnering with us!


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